Senor Will Ferrell's New 'Casa de mi Padre' Trailer Es Muy Bien

[caption id="attachment_99540" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="NALA"][/caption]

We're not linguists here, but after watching the new trailer for the upcoming Will Ferrell movie, we've come up with a pretty good English translation for "Casa de mi Padre:" WTF.

We mean that in the best possible way, though, because not only does the new trailer have everything we want out of a Ferrell film, it has a few things we never knew we needed -- like cow-punching, over-the-top gunfights and dialogue entirely in Spanish.

Looks like Ron Burgandy just got some serious Latin flavor.

Here's the quick scoop: Made by the folks who put together the smash hit "Anchorman" (see, we weren't kidding about that Ron Burgundy thing), "Casa de mi Padre" -- which of course actually translates to "House of my Father" -- stars Farrell as a Mexican rancher whose younger brother (Diego Luna" gets the family in trouble with a vicious drug lord (Gael Garcia Bernal). The result? Drama, romance, violence -- and probably the most unlikely comedy to come along in years.

So will fans embrace Ferrel's newest bot of craziness? Or is this one just a little too loco? Check out the new trailer from Apple and decide for yourself: