Get Ready For 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'... Stop-Motion Style

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Thirty years ago a little, off-the-radar "Indy" movie made its way into theaters via the fertile imaginations of director Steven Spielberg and writer/producer George Lucas. The film: "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The cultural impact: immeasurable.

The chronicle of the Nazi quest to uncover the lost Ark of the Covenant and Professor Indiana Jones' attempt to beat them to the punch took 1940s Saturday matinee adventure tropes and gave them a much needed shot of adrenaline, or whatever people took in the '80s.

Now we finally have a grasp of just how big a touchstone the film is, since three decades later an independent animator named Jeff Gurwood actually took the time to recreate, beat for beat, the famous opening sequence of "Raiders" using Hasbro action figures. Every little detail of the sets, every subtle gesture of Harrison Ford and Alfred Molina, and, yes, that big frickin' boulder are all there in stop-motion glory.

This is the perfect love letter to a film that has burned itself into the collective memory of a generation the same way that creepy German guy burned Marion's medallion into his hand. Awesome.