'All Is Lost' For Poor Robert Redford

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In 1972's classic adventure saga "Jeremiah Johnson," Robert Redford played the tough-as-nails title war vet who decides to take up life in the Rocky Mountains. He becomes a great hunter and has brushes with both grizzly bears and the local Indian tribes to become the ultimate survivor.

Now Redford is taking this theme of survival to the next level in a new flick ominously titled "All Is Lost." According to Deadline, the Sundance Kid will tackle the elements in a new environment: the ocean. So far the only specific details are that it will be "a man vs. nature drama that takes place on the water."

The "Horse Whisperer" star was hand-picked for this solo adventure by young director J.C. Chandor, who met Redford this year at the Sundance Film Festival where his financial crisis movie "Margin Call" left an impression. Like that film, "All Is Lost" will be produced by Mr Spock himself, Zachary Quinto, through his Before the Door production shingle.

Production is aimed for next May in the massive water tank at Baja Film Studios in Mexico where huge chunks of other water disasters like "Titanic" and "Pearl Harbor" were able to realistically simulate an ocean environment. It'll be awesome to see the 75-year-old Redford in command of an entire action-based survival movie, which will give new meaning to "The Old Man and the Sea."