'X' Marks Spot No. 6 In MTV's Best of 2011

Marvel's merry band of mutant superheroes, the X-Men, have a lot of sweet powers, like telepathy, screaming wicked loud and looking like a blue ape. But that's nothing compared to the uncanny super power wielded by the gang at MTV: The power of insightful movie commentary.

And today, they've has assembled their own special task force — call them the MTV-Men — to determine what the best movies of 2011 are. The result? "X-Men: First Class" optic-blasts it's way right up to number six.

Want to see NextMovie's own Kevin Polowy leap Brett Ratner in a single bound? Are you prepared to be amazed at Brooke Tarnoff's ability to empathize with a man who named his organization the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? Then check out the Best Movies of 2011 Debate — and you will believe that a man can watch a movie.