Darth Vader Force-Conducts 'Carol of the Bells'

[caption id="attachment_99292" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="YouTube"]Darth Vader conducts Carol of the Bells[/caption]

Yes, you read that right. The Dark Lord of the Sith apparently moonlights as a Christmas choir conductor (with Santa hat and all).

The galaxy got a break from Darth Vader's tyranny for a little while when he made an appearance to conduct -- via the Force, of course -- a Christmas choir flash mob in a performance of "Carol of the Bells" at Algonquin College in Ontario, Canada.

(A "flash mob," in case you didn't know, is a group that suddenly comes together to perform strange pieces of entertainment like having Darth Vader conduct a Christmas choir and then just as quickly disperses.)

This might be the strangest holiday video you'll see all season (well, one of the Top Five, probably, anyway). Watch as the Force is strong in Canada -- as is the Christmas spirit. Thanks to The FW for the find.