Clint Eastwood Brings the Good, the Bad and the Ugly to Reality TV

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What do Clint Eastwood and the Real Housewives have in common, other than a big bank account and giving viewers the distinct impression that they could become frighteningly violent at the slightest provocation?

A desire to air their dirty laundry in front of the world, apparently.

TMZ reports that the 81-year-old actor and his family may soon join the ranks of folks like the Kardashians with a rumored upcoming reality show.

The program will focus primarily on the lives of Eastwood's wife, Dina, and his teen daughters Morgan and Francesca, but will show off the star's best angry dad impression in a few cameos throughout the season.

Bunim-Murray, the production powerhouse behind "The Real World," "The Bad Girls Club," and pretty much everything the Kardashians do on screen except for sex tapes, are reportedly producing the show for E!, although they have yet to confirm the rumors.

While it's hard to picture the legendary tough guy dishing out groundings and homework help between episodes of "Khloe and Lamar," perhaps the switch to reality will go ahead and make his day.