The Biggest Shockers From the 2012 Golden Globe Nominations

[caption id="attachment_80611" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Universal"]Melissa McCarthy in "Bridesmaids"[/caption]

While the Academy Awards may have prestige, the Golden Globes are like the rowdy, beer-swilling younger brother that everyone wants to party with. They're the Roger Clinton of awards ceremonies.

Like all black sheep, though, the Globes occasionally embarrass their family with mistakes so heinous it almost makes us want to not pay bail when they get arrested. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced this year's nominees, and before returning host Ricky Gervais even opens his mouth we find ourselves utterly shocked by some surprising inclusions and omissions.

No Melissa McCarthy -- WTF?

After gobbling up awards from New York, D.C., Boston and Las Vegas, we assumed McCarthy was saving room for an inevitable Globe and even an Oscar nomination. Nope! While "Bridesmaids" costar Kristen Wiig got a Best Actress nod, two supporting slots for "The Help" swept this breakout actress under the rug.

'Ides of March' Backstabs 'Drive'

If we were to ask you what super-cool Ryan Gosling movie you expected to get nominated this year, what on Earth would drive you to pick "Ides"? While George Clooney's directorial effort goes up against his own starring vehicle (and presumed Best Picture frontrunner) "The Descendants," we're more furious about the traffic cones it's placed in front of the road-ready, critically adored "Drive."

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Shut Out

Unfortunately for "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," it looks like 9/11 isn't in this year. On the 10th anniversary of the tragedy, Tom Hanks & Co. thought a holiday tearjerker based around the aftermath would be guaranteed to touch the hearts and minds of awards voters. Nope. The film didn't earn a single nominaton.

Jonah Hill!

[caption id="attachment_98117" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Columbia"]Jonah Hill in Moneyball[/caption]

The artist formerly known as "that fat guy from 'Superbad'" is now "that skinny Golden Globe nominee." Oh what a difference a year makes. Hill's fantastic turn opposite Brad Pitt in "Moneyball" as Peter Brand, the Yalie economics wonk who uses sabermetrics to turn the underdog Oakland Athletics around, has been earning the young man serious praise. Could this "Sitter" be babysitting an Oscar soon?

'Tree of Life' Gets Chopped Down

Few films have incited more fervor and passion this year than Terrence Malick's ode to life, the universe and everything. On the downside, it seems like some of that passion was the wrong kind, the divisive kind, and now it's paying the price for swimming too far into the deep end of the artsy pool with nary a nomination in sight.

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Hit Musical Comedy 'The Muppets' Gets No Love in Best Musical or Comedy

Might want to keep Animal on his chain this morning, because we're sure he's screaming "WE WUZ ROBBED! WE WUZ ROBBED!" Passing over the year's most Muppetsational musical extravaganza for the likes of "My Week With Marilyn" must have Gonzo feeling pretty blue today. Speaking of which ...

'My Week With Marilyn' Is a Comedy?

Yeah, this is a head scratcher if there ever was one. Is the de facto response to a highly lauded film missing the Best Picture (Drama) boat, "Oh yeah, just shove that into the comedy category, no one will notice"? Last time we checked, there weren't too many jokes in this one. Wait, so is it a musical?

Sorry, Spielberg

Even with "War Horse" galloping its way into the Best Picture race and "Tintin" sleuthing his way to a Best Animated Feature nod, even the intrepid dog Snowy can't sniff out a clue as to why our most beloved (and successful) filmmaker got the shaft in the Director category. Looks like he lost his slot to Woody Allen, who was nominated both here and in Best Screenplay for the surprise hit "Midnight in Paris."

Gosling Locks Himself Out of His Car

[caption id="attachment_79019" align="alignright" width="300" caption="FilmDistrict"]Drive[/caption]

Again, who dropped the ball on the whole "Drive" thing? One of our favorite actors, Sir Ryan Gosling Esq., delivered three amazing performances this year, but the standout one that had everyone talking and/or making scorpion jacket Halloween costumes ("Drive") was overlooked in favor of "Ides of March" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love." With the exception of mortal lock Albert Brooks, expect this to be a trend as we head into Oscar season.

Gary Oldman Not Wearing Smiley Face

You may or may not have heard, but Gary Oldman has never received an Oscar nomination. Yes, it's a crime, and it would be an even bigger one if his brilliant turn as cunning spook George Smiley in "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" was passed over like it was today. A double crime if the actor was denied in favor of Leonardo DiCaprio's putty-faced caricature in the Clint Eastwood whiff "J. Edgar."

The Girl With Only a Best Actress Nomination

Perhaps no film this year has been as heavily hyped as David Fincher's English-language redo of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." Despite the big ramp-up, prognosticators expecting a deluge of awards season love didn't necessarily think about the material itself, which is fairly dark and off-putting -- hence, no Best Picture nod. On the other hand, what may be the most sought-after female lead since Scarlett O'Hara has paid off dividends for Rooney Mara, who scored a Best Actress (Drama) nomination. That's the least they could give the girl for piercing her nipple and shaving her eyebrows.

Harry Potter Leaves Hogwarts Empty Handed

Despite a valiant marketing effort from Warner Bros. to get a nomination for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," the push for a series legacy Oscar seems fruitless at this point, with no Globes in any category. Looks like the downtrodden folks at the studio will just have to take solace in the $7.7 billion in worldwide receipts the franchise has earned so far.

Viggo's 'Dangerous Method' Proves Sound

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but a Best Supporting Actor nomination could mean even more for Viggo Mortensen, whose role as Sigmund Freud in "A Dangerous Method" puts him firmly in the race for a gold bald guy. While heavy competition from Christopher Plummer and Kenneth Branagh (among others) makes Viggo's winning a longshot, this is just further proof that the man needs to collaborate with David Cronenberg more often.

Angelina Gets Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film!

After the whole "Tourist" controversy from last year, you'd think voters would want to distance themselves from their blatant Angelina worship, but no. Though "In the Land of Blood And Honey," Angelina Jolie's directorial debut, has scored some strong reviews, it is a British-funded, American-directed piece (and thus not eligible for a Foreign Film Oscar nom). No disrespect to Jolie or the film itself, but given the HFPA's rep, you have to wonder if it'd still be nominated had it been directed by someone else.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Noms With 'Carnage'

Roman Polanski may be a figure of world controversy, but one thing is for sure: The man knows actors. With both Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet nominated in the Best Actress (Comedy) slot for "Carnage," Polanski continues his streak as a performance-driven director. Of course, this ain't Foster or Winslet's first rodeo, either.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Noms With Madonna

The Golden Globes must REALLY have wanted Madonna to come to the party, hence two nominations for her directorial effort "W.E." in the only categories it could possibly qualify for: music. With a 30% Rotten Tomatoes rating, recognition for her new track "Masterpiece" and Abel Korzeniowski's score is the only "Ray of Light" the singer should expect.

Redgrave Given Pink Slip

74-year-old acting legend Redgrave recently won awards from both San Francisco and British critics groups for her role as Volumnia, the mother of the title character in Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut "Coriolanus." This did not translate to a Globe nom, but she already has one (and an Oscar) to keep her company.

Brendan Gleeson Puts His 'Guard' Up

We've always had a special place in our hearts for Brendan Gleeson, the ginger-haired Irishman who's clashed swords in "Braveheart," "Troy," "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Beowulf," but who brandishes the sword of drunken racism to hilarious perfection in "The Guard." A well-deserved Best Actor (Comedy) nomination for what has become the most successful independent Irish film of all time.