'The Dictator' Trailer Rules the Sacha Baron Cohen Way

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The brand new trailer for Sacha Baron's Cohen's latest shock-comedy flick is out and it all boils down to this: "The Dictator" is a lot like "Borat," only with, you know, a script.

Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing we'll leave for you to decide.

Of course, given the massive success of "Borat" and the cultural resonance the film still has five years after its release, pretty much anything Cohen does is going to draw comparisons. But those comparisons are going to be doubled once people get a look at the trailer for "Dictator," which stars Cohen as a Middle Eastern dictator who, fittingly enough in this year of the Arab Spring, is deposed by his people.

So what does he do? Well, naturally he comes to America to learn about pop culture and commit a bunch of horrible (and horribly funny) social gaffes — only this time, those gaffes have been planned out in advance by Cohen and company.

Is the world ready for another dose of social commentary, Cohen style? Check out the new trailer for "The Dictator" courtesy of Moviefone — and throw off the chains of comedic oppression once and for all.