Jay Baruchel Busts Out the Black Leather for 'The Rebel Kind'

[caption id="attachment_43768" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Jay Baruchel[/caption]

Jay Baruchel: Rock star?

Believe it. The "Superbad" star has played a number of great roles in his nearly 20 years as an actor, but there's one type of part that seems to always elude him: the cool kid. That is, until now.

Variety reports Baruchel will be ditching the lovable nerd roles of years past for a part as a member of pioneering Canadian punk band The Modernettes in "The Rebel Kind."

The film, based on Modernettes lead singer Buck Cherry's autobiography and directed by Reg Harkema, tells the story of the Vancouver band's rise to fame and their eventual decision to walk away from the spotlight.

While Canada may seem like an unlikely backdrop a burgeoning punk scene, producer Kevin Eastwood insists that Vancouver's music scene was, at one time, among the world's best.

"A lot of people don't realize that Vancouver was a huge hotbed of musical activity in the early '80s," says Eastwood. "At the time, Vancouver was one of the three axis points of the universe — there was London, New York — and then there was Vancouver."