The Many Faces of Steven Spielberg

[caption id="attachment_67400" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Steven Spielberg[/caption]

Remember that line in Madonna's "Vogue" where she says that Rita Hayworth gave good face? Well, nobody gives face like Steven Spielberg — and we have the video essay that proves it.

We're talking about what Kevin B. Lee calls "The Spielberg Face" in his new viral clip. You know, that moment in a Spielberg film where the camera zooms way in on the face of a character that is staring into the distance in open-eyed, slack-jawed wonder at... a shark or an alien or Captain Haddock's beard or whatever. It's one of Spielberg's trademark techniques.

But is that a good thing?

Of course, we'll be honest, we've never really thought about Spielberg's penchant for showing big faces before; we're usually too emotionally invested in whatever's going on in the story to think about technical details. And that's just the problem Lee sees with all those faces: It's Spielberg's way of manipulating you into feeling whatever he wants you to feel.

So is that just, you know, the whole point of a movie? Or is Spielberg wielding some kind of unholy warlock power to secretly control your emotions like some kind of crazed Hollywood puppeteer? Check out the video essay, courtesy of Movieline, and decide for yourself: