Forget ScarJo, Matt Damon Saved My Life

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Monday was a rough day for Scarlett Johansson fans in New York, and it wasn't because of the cold weather. Thankfully, we had Matt Damon to warm things up a bit.

My day began bright and early at the "Today" show studio in my first of three attempts to meet ScarJo for the day. Much to my dismay, she took the garage in and out so I didn't even get to see her in person.

A few hours later, I took up residency outside "Late Night with David Letterman" in the hopes of meeting her there, but, this time, she didn't stop for fans on her way in or out. Bummer.

My only option left was the "We Bought a Zoo" premiere at Ziegfeld Theater that night. I headed home to thaw out a bit before freezing myself waiting once again as I hoped the third time would be a charm.

The first of the guests to arrive were the movie's littlest stars, Maggie Elizabeth Jones and Colin Ford, who play Matt Damon's children. Elle Fanning arrived shortly after them – she's super-tall and a dead ringer for her older sister Dakota.

When Matt Damon first got out of the car, all hope seemed lost as he hung around the main entrance of the tented red carpet chatting with some folks. Then, much to my excitement, he made the trek to us fans waiting across the street!

This is when the "We Bought a Zoo" premiere became an actual zoo, because I've never seen a crowd go as wild for someone as they did for Damon. Matt started at the one end of the barricade and made his way down to the other trying his best to meet everyone in between. So many people were trying to get autographs and pictures that, at one point, there were two large security guards holding up the barricade in front of me so they didn't knock it down into the street, which could have been really dangerous.

While everyone was trying to get things signed, I wound up surrounded by glossy 8x10s and movie posters, but Matt saw me trying to fight everyone off and came to my rescue. After helping to push some of the memorabilia out of my face, he took my camera from me and, without saying a word, quickly took the awesome shot of us you see at the top of this post.

Basically, Matt Damon saved my life. How do you like them apples?

Once Matt was inside, Thomas Haden Church, Parker Posey and director Cameron Crowe were among the other guests to arrive and kept us tided over in star-studded awesomeness until Scarlett's much anticipated arrival.

I'm sad to report that when Johansson arrived, she didn't even throw us a wave let alone come over to sign autographs or take pictures. I don't think I've ever seen anyone go an entire day of press without signing at least one autograph, but Scarlett has clearly mastered the art.

I'm not sure if I'm impressed or bummed by this. Maybe next time, Scarlett? I guess we'll see.

Like many of you, Professional Fan Girl Lauren Cox has always had a fascination with movie stars. She's turned her hobby – hitting premieres and other events in New York City to meet them – into a blog, and now a NextMovie column. Keep up with her adventures meeting celebs by following her on Twitter.