'Rock of Ages' Trailer Has Rock & Bad Hair & Roll

[caption id="attachment_59905" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Adam Shankman/Twitter"]Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages[/caption]

One upon a time, Tom Cruise was just another up-and-coming Hollywood hopeful. Then, with one memorable rock 'n 'roll number in his underwear in "Risky Business," he turned himself into a worldwide movie icon. That seems like a long time ago now, but thanks to the brand new trailer for "Rock of Ages," it looks like lightning is about to strike twice.

Because Tom Cruise: Rock God is back.

Of course, "Rock of Ages" has a lot of other things going for it as well. For instance, it's a big screen, big budget adaptation of the wildly popular Broadway musical that takes the hottest hair band hits of the '80s and turns them into dramatic (and comedic) gold.

Plus, it's directed by Adam Shankman, who proved with "Hairspray" that he knows a thing or two about adapting musicals.

And then there's the fact that it stars a who's who of Hollywood heavyweights, including Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta Jones, Paul Giamatti, Russell Brand, Malin Akerman and Julianne Hough, not to mention legit music sensation Mary J. Blige.

But it's Cruise's turn as rock star Stacee Jaxx that has people buzzing, thanks in part to a new clip from Apple Trailers that builds throughout to the big reveal of Cruise in his topless, leotard-wearing glory. So will "Rock of Ages" give Cruise the kind of career boost "Risky Business' did?

Never bet against the redemptive power of rock: