Get Up Close with Vampy Bella in 'Breaking Dawn'

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We all know that Bella (Kristen Stewart) finally gets her wish to become a vampire at the end of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," but we're only given a glimpse of her creepy new look at the end of the flick. After all, she's pretty exhausted dead from all that bed-breaking, bruise-making vamp sex with Edward (Robert Pattinson), and then the whole fetus-eating-her-from-the-inside thing.

Annnnyway, after all is said and done, Edward's attempts to save his love's life work and she wakes up from her near-death experience with awesome red eyes and supernatural powers.

Naturally, "Breaking Dawn Part 2" is all about the ruckus caused by Bella's transformation and her crazy half-vampire, half-human kid. Things are about to get hairy, and not in the werewolf sense, when Aro (Michael Sheen) finds out about that magical kiddo with the freaky name.

The end of "Breaking Dawn Part 1" shows us just a tantalizing glimpse of the undead damsel, with a hint of the vampire world's upheaval to come. A new photo from the "Official Illustrated Movie Companion" for the film (courtesy of HollywoodLife) allows us to take a long, hard gander at Bella's new style.

She looks a little better than when Renesmee was, you know, eating her from the inside out, but not as good as when she was romping with Edward post-wedding, pre-bed-breaking. The red eyes are really doing it for us, and they would look extra glam with a giant velvet cape and some blood red lipstick! Our gal from Forks is probably gonna keep it real, and extra sparkly, though. Flannel all the way!

What do you think? Will Bella make a sexy vampire, or should she have stayed away from that delicious type O negative?