Charlotte Gainsbourg Gets in Bed with 'The Nymphomaniac'

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Lars Von Trier is no stranger to controversy, both on and off-screen. (He's still licking his wounds from an unfortunate Nazi comment that slipped out during the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.)

But the prolific director is gearing up to get back to the big screen, and has just secured a leading lady for his next feature, pointedly titled "The Nymphomaniac." We'll give you one guess to figure out what it's about.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, who starred in two previous Von Trier pics, "Antichrist" and "Melancholia," is in talks to headline this next film, which will track the erotic life of a woman through the age of 50, Indie Wire reveals.

The story divides her sexual escapades into eight chapters, and will be filmed in two versions: softcore (for all of us conservatives out there) and hardcore (for those with more… umm… adventurous, tastes).

Over the summer, Willem Dafoe and Stellan Skarsgard—who have each worked with Gainsbourg and Von Trier before—said they were approached for roles in the upcoming flick. No word yet, however, whether either of them is on board, but they better shake it down soon because filming is slated as early as next fall. And it's not polite to keep a lady waiting.

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