Will Smith Goes Back to Black In 'MiB III' Trailer

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1969 was a pivotal year in United States history. With the war still raging in Vietnam, the counterculture found an outlet of expression through the mad music of Woodstock — and all of America came together to watch the first man land on the moon. But there's another major event from 1969 that you may not have read about in your high school text books.

"Men in Black III."

You read that right: The first trailer for the long, long awaited third film in the "Men in Black" franchise is here and this time around, Will Smith is going to party like it's 1969.

You'll note that we said Will Smith will be doing his flower power routine, but made no mention of his co-star, Tommy Lee Jones. Well, that wasn't an oversight. Don't worry, though, Jones and his Agent K are central to the storyline, it's just that it seems Smith's Agent J has a bit more on his plate: He has to travel back in time to 1969 to prevent K from being erased from history.

And that means that not only do we get the patented "Men in Black" humor and action, we also get treated to Josh Brolin doing an absolutely dead-on impression of Jones as the young, 1969 version of Agent K. So has the long wait for "Men in Black II" been worth it? Check out the new trailer, courtesy of the "Men in Black III" official site — and get ready to go back to black.