Lionsgate Goes Totally 'Psycho' With New Bret Easton Ellis Remake

[caption id="attachment_8232" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Lionsgate"]American Psycho[/caption]

In the ultimate hierarchy of psychoticness, some things get you pretty far up on the list. Killing a cat because your ATM demands a sacrifice? That's psycho. Murdering a slew of people, including your own friends and complete strangers, because you're upset that someone else has a nicer business card? That's really psycho. But remaking an acclaimed movie that just came out 11 years ago?

Nothing tops that level of psycho.

Well, being psycho is apparently the name of the game over at Lionsgate, because Deadline is reporting that the studio has just given the go ahead for a "microbudget" remake of Christian Bale's 2000 slaughterfest "American Psycho." Crazy? Or crazy like a fox?

Of course, remakes are nothing new, but usually it's normal to wait at least one generation or so before you try to put out a new version of a beloved film. And while it would be hard to imagine a sick piece of work like Bret Easton Ellis' rumination on white collar psychopathy is "beloved," the film certainly carved out a very memorable niche when it arrived 11 years ago, returning Bale to the spotlight and making a pretty decent chunk of change after earning massive buzz at Sundance.

So why remake it now? Well, apparently Lionsgate was impressed enough by the pitch from music video director (and David Fincher protege) Noble Jones to commit to a re-imagined version of the story that moves the action up to the present in order to imagine "how yuppie serial killer Patrick Bateman would fare in New York today." And the fact that they are only committing to a "microbudget" shouldn't hinder things; the original "American Psycho" only cost $7 million itself.

Will Lionsgate make a killing at the box office? Or will they get killed by fans for the decision to remake a film that nobody is likely to soon forget? Either way, you'd have to be crazy not to expect blood to flow over this news.