Rupert Grint Heads 'Into the White' In New Trailer

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For the last decade, Ron Weasley has battled some of the most dangerous and deadly magic menaces the movie world has to offer, from evil wizards to soul-sucking Dementors to giant forest spiders. But those dangers pale in comparison to his latest foe: Nazis.

No, this isn't some madcap fanfic or the untold story of Dumbledore's battle against Grindlewald (we wish) -- it's the first trailer for Rupert Grint's new World War II drama "Into the White." Looks like someone has officially graduated from Hogwarts.

Not that there was ever really any question about Grint's ability to put the iconic role of Ron Weasley behind him; after all, he's been making indie films like "Driving Lessons," "Cherrybomb" and "Wild Target" for years in an effort to expand his acting horizons. And they don't get much more expansive than "Into the White," which tells the story of a group of British and German pilots who shoot each other down over Norway and are then forced into an uneasy truce in order to survive the arctic conditions.

Of course, since this is European production rather than a Hollywood effort, half of the trailer is in German with no subtitles. But none are needed to get a good look at Grint, his steely determination and his oddly curly hair. Check out the trailer, courtesy of SlashFilm -- and step "Into the White:"