My Favorite Movie: Joey Lawrence

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"My favorite movie of all time has got to be 'The Goonies.' I just love it. I love the adventure of it. I love the magic of it. I love that it was an escape.

"They don't make movies like that for kids today; I mean I was 8 years old when that movie came out and I must have watched it a hundred times. I wish they made movies like that today.

"I had to go back and let my kids watch movies like that one because movies like 'Mean Girls' are good, but they just don't cut it—you know what I'm saying? It's a whole different message, a whole different thing.

"'The Goonies' was an adventure that tapped into dreams and what it means to be a kid. It has so many layers. I still love watching it."

Joey Lawrence currently stars in the TV series "Melissa and Joey" and will next be seen in the romantic comedy "Hit List."