'Darkest Hour' Viral Video Features Reporter in Peril

[caption id="attachment_69920" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Summit"]Emile Hirsch in "The Darkest Hour"[/caption]For the new sci-fi/horror Christmas stocking stuffer "The Darkest Hour" producers at Summit Entertainment are banking on a few of you out there to have a lust in your heart to see hot young twenty-something actors evaporated by aliens. Holiday counter-programming indeed.

While a creature from outer space being a floating lightning bolt (as opposed to the hundredth iteration of the H.R. Giger alien design) is pretty innovative, the real appeal of the movie is the locale: Moscow. Setting an invasion pic in Russia's capital city was a shrewd move, especially since we've seen New York and L.A. walloped so many times extraterrestrials must have an E-ZPass for the various toll roads.

Now comes this viral video to promote the film, showing an unlucky reporter getting a taste of the bitter pill these electric bastards are making the world swallow. A perfect candidate for "Russian News Bloopers Volume 7," check out the clip below and try to pretend you can't tell it's greenscreened.