Rebecca Hall Makes 'A Case of You' Music Video

[caption id="attachment_100439" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="YouTube"]Rebecca Hall[/caption]

We can now add Rebecca Hall to our list of movie stars who have appeared in music videos.

The Vicky of Woody Allen's "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" graces pretty much every single frame of the music video for James Blake's "A Case of You," a track that appears on his "Enough Thunder" EP and has been featured on the NBC series, "Parenthood."

For the record (no pun intended), the song was first recorded by Joni Mitchell in 1971. Prince also recorded a version, inevitably retitled "A Case of U," that's featured on his 2002 album, "One Night Alone..."

However, neither of those versions had music videos that feature Rebecca Hall looking exquisitely beautiful as she smiles, sulks and screams her way through what looks like someone re-living a relationship in fast-forward. Could it be Rebecca's lover is dying and he's seeing highlights of his life with her flash before his eyes? Or are we reading too much into it (as we tend to do sometimes)?

It's a haunting cover, any way you look at it. Check out the music video below, and thanks to Pitchfork for the find.