Gerard Butler Narrowly Escapes Surfing Tragedy

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Madness? No, This. Is. SURFING!

That's the reaction to the news from The Wrap, which is reporting that everyone's favorite Spartan champion, Gerard Butler, is now recovering after being hospitalized for a surfing accident that occurred Sunday while filming the upcoming biopic "Of Men and Mavericks."

We're just glad he's still around to joke about.

Based on a true story, "Of Men and Mavericks" tells the story of surfer Jay Moriarty, a surfer who became internationally famous for surfing the wild stretch of Pacific Ocean known as Mavericks before dying in a diving accident at the age of 23 (Jonny Weston plays Moriarty; Butler plays his older mentor).

According to the report, "Butler was hospitalized after being dragged over rocks and held underwater" but was luckily "rescued by coastal patrolmen and taken to Stanford Medical Center, where he was later released."

While cracks about Butler's surfing prowess are sure to follow, Mavericks, which is off the coast of California and which boasts swells of over 20 feet, is no laughing matter, having previously claimed the lives of two top level pro surfers, Mark Foo in 1994 and Sion Milosky earlier this year. And Butler had taken every precaution, heading out with not one but three professional surfers at his side to provide safety tips.

"Of Men and Mavericks" is currently scheduled for an Oct. 26 release. No word yet on whether the accident will affect filming.