Ice Cube Lights Up a Fourth 'Friday'

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Thank God It's "Friday?"

Apparently, someone at New Line recently watched the wretched "Friday After Next" (maybe under the influence of too much wacky weed) and thought it might be time for another round of pre-weekend mayhem, as Ice Cube is now officially in talks for a fourth "Friday," according to Deadline.

Ice Cube would write, produce, star in and perhaps even direct the latest adventure of his character, Craig, a pot-smoking, well-meaning ne'er-do-well who always manages to find trouble on the day after Thursday and before Saturday.

The "Friday" series consists of "Friday" (1995), in which Craig and his best pal Smokey (Chris Tucker, in the role that launched his movie career), two South Central potheads, get into a fine mess involving an angry drug dealer, a neighborhood bully and psycho exes; "Next Friday" (2000), in which Craig plans to rob his next-door neighbors in order to save his uncle's house; and "Friday After Next" (2002), which finds Craig and his cousin, Day-Day (Mike Epps), hunting down the evil mall Santa who robbed their apartment on Christmas Eve.

Where could this epic myth arc go from here?

What's most interesting (and promising) about the new "Friday" is that Ice Cube reportedly wants to bring back his original co-star, Chris Tucker, who didn't appear in the two sequels. Tucker's involvement seemed unlikely a few years ago when he told Deadline that his religion keeps him from playing any more drug-addled characters, but the man now owes over $10 million to the IRS (and, indeed, has returned to acting with "The Silver Linings Playbook"), so another stint on the "Friday" porch might be just the ticket to help put a dent in that hefty IOU to Uncle Sam.

We'll have to see how the week pans out. In the meantime, Ice Cube will next be seen in "Rampart," opening Jan. 27, 2012, and in "21 Jump Street," opening March 16.