Amy Adams May Find 'Trouble With the Curve'

[caption id="attachment_36234" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Amy Adams[/caption]

Clint Eastwood wants to talk baseball with Amy Adams.

The "J. Edgar" director is returning to acting for the first time since 2008's "Gran Torino" in "Trouble With the Curve," and he's eyeing the "Muppets" beauty for the role of his daughter, according to Variety.

"Trouble With the Curve" follows a going-blind veteran baseball scout who decides to take a road trip to Atlanta with his daughter to check out a hot prospect.

Clint Eastwood's longtime Malpaso partner, Robert Lorenz, will be making his directorial debut with the film. "Trouble" marks Eastwood's first acting gig in a movie he didn't direct himself since 1993's "In the Line of Fire" (which was directed by Wolfgang Petersen).

The role of Eastwood's daughter was offered to Sandra Bullock, but she was unable to take the part due to scheduling conflicts. Adams is a busy gal, too -- we'll have to see if she has time for a road trip with Clint Eastwood (personally, we'd make the time).

Clint Eastwood is hoping for an Oscar nomination (or several) for his latest directorial effort, "J. Edgar," which stars Amy Adams' "Catch Me If You Can" co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Meanwhile, Adams is currently filming her role as Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" and will next be seen in "The Muppets," opening Nov. 23.