Movin' Right Along with 7 'Muppets' Clips

[caption id="attachment_89278" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Disney"]The Muppets[/caption]

The years of waiting for a new movie worthy of the Muppets' legacy are about to be over, as Jason Segel leads an all-star cast of every Henson creation that ever was -- and a few new ones, as well.

For this generation's take on "The Muppets," Jason Segel plays Gary, whose brother Walter is a die-hard Muppet maniac. Along with Gary's gal pal Mary (Amy Adams), they have to help Kermit and the gang save the Muppet Theater with a telethon extravaganza.

Take a look at all the fun in store. Light the lights!

1. Celebrity. Kermit has 12 hours to find a star to host, or the bus will explode ... or something.

2. I’ve Got Everything I Need. Ladies and gentlemen, the On-Prozac Dancers!

3. Idea. And the solution to their problem presents itself ...

4. Montage. Even Rocky had a montage.

5. Do you know the Muppet Man, the Muppet Man, the Muppet Man? Do you know the Muppet Man, not so good at subtlety.

6. Shocking. Wait! This is supposed to be The Muppets, not "The Electric Company."

7. Surprise Tickets. Walter and Gary have got two tickets to Muppet paradise.