Russell Brand Claims 'The President Stole My Girlfriend'

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We don't think any country song has ever covered this kind of scenario.

Russell Brand will tell a romantic and possibly classified tale of woe as he's set to produce and star in"The President Stole My Girlfriend."

"In this movie, the President steals the girlfriend of a sexy hippie -- me, obviously," Brand tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It was inspired by the night I naively invited [Warners president] Jeff Robinov for dinner."

If this particular situation actually happened to Russell Brand in real life, we wouldn't be surprised.

"President" was written by Matt Portenoy, who recently did a well-received rewrite on the "Porky's" remake that's currently in development. Portenoy also wrote a segment for "Movie 43," a Peter Farrelly-produced comedy anthology.

Russell Brand will next be seen in "Rock of Ages," opening June 1, 2012. He'll also be featured in "Juno" writer Diablo Cody's directorial debut, which is tentatively titled "Lamb of God" and co-stars Julianne Hough and Octavia Spencer.