Where Do Your Faves Rank on the Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale?

[caption id="attachment_92048" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Sony Pictures"]Jack and Jill[/caption]

Just how stupid are Adam Sandler movies?

That's the big question being answered today by Hollywood.com. Of course, when it comes to Sandler films, "stupid" is not necessarily a pejorative term; after all, some of his funniest skits and gags are intentionally dumb. It's just how he rolls, you know?

But with "Jack and Jill" hitting theaters today, people are starting to ask: Just how dumb is too dumb? And that's where Hollywood.com's brilliant new Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale comes into play.

The idea, like many of Sandler's films, is so simple a small child could understand it: All of Sandler movies, ranked from smartest to dumbest on one easy-to-read chart. Of course, since the Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale doesn't actually include "Jack and Jill" on it, you'll still have to go see it yourself to find out just how dumb it actually is. But for everything else, the final word on stupidity has arrived -- and that word is "Sandler:"