Cuteness Overload! Baby Re-Creates Classic Movie Scenes

[caption id="attachment_92127" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Studio Arthur"]Arthur Re-Creates American Beauty[/caption]

As we discovered recently with "Trent Talks to R2D2," babies doing stuff is always a welcome diversion.

With that in mind, please prepare yourself for a veritable avalanche of cuteness as you delve into "Arthur Recreates Scenes From Classic Movies." This blog from UK-based writer Emily Cleaver presents her baby superstar Arthur in different memorable scenes ranging from "The Shining" to "The Shawshank Redemption" to, perhaps most disturbingly, "American Beauty."

While we always found those cat calendars where people dress their pets up in Civil War outfits and stuff appalling, this baby blog is okay because the kid is clearly enjoying himself (except maybe in the "Total Recall" one) and, unlike cats, when Arthur gets older he can use this as evidence to have himself emancipated.

Until then, this bambino and his hilarious mum are enjoying their ride on the 15-minutes-of-fame train.

Cleaver tweeted: "We showed Arthur some of the press coverage, he looked surprised. But he looks surprised if I hand him a banana, so ..."