Procrastinating Nun Claims Disney Stole Her 'Sister Act'

[caption id="attachment_92076" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Disney"]Sister Act[/caption]

Everyone is occasionally late for things. You know, you meant to bring out the trash yesterday for pickup but you forgot. Or maybe you had some dishes to wash and you just didn't want to deal with it. Hey, it happens.

But when was the last time you were 20 years late?

That's the question Disney execs are asking today, as according to the Hollywood Reporter, a Harlem nun has just sued them claiming the 1992 movie "Sister Act" was based on her life.

"Sister Act" -- which was a surprise smash hit when it debuted nearly two decades ago, subsequently spawning a sequel and a Broadway musical -- featured Whoopi Goldberg as a lounge singer who temporarily becomes a nun as part of a witness protection program, and teaches the uptight sisters the power of gospel music. As one does.

That all hit just a little bit too close to the bone for Delois Blakely, who we're guessing just got On Demand. According to Blakely, she herself was a self-described "young, black, singing nun" using her music to minister to the needy of Harlem back in the day. In 1987, she published a memoir called "The Harlem Street Nun," which she then shopped to Hollywood to no avail.

Now, however, she's suing Disney, claiming that they took her story and turned it into "Sister Act." So will the courts buy her claims? Or will the 20-year delay in filing the lawsuit be an issue?

We hate to say it, but there's just one way to describe her chances: slim to nun.