Jason Statham Kicks, Punches and Shoots in 'Safe' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_92017" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Lionsgate"]Jason Statham in Safe[/caption]

Jason Statham may not be one for breaking new ground ... but he is one for breaking a few bones.

The latest Jason Statham movie, "Safe," looks like any other Jason Statham movie, meaning that he lays waste to dozens (perhaps even hundreds) of highly trained, heavily armed thugs in the service of some sort of vague cause (in this case, he's protecting a little girl who has a photographic memory and is in possession of some super-secret code). He might get banged up a little, but you know he'll live to see the closing credits -- unlike pretty much everyone else.

Hey, the man knows what he's good at, and he gets paid for doing it. Who are we to criticize or deconstruct? However, we do have to admit that "Safe" looks like it's not really trying very hard and delivering only the bare-minimum Statham experience -- there's a scene in the trailer where the little girl asks, "Are you crazy?," and we don't even get an at least semi-witty Statham response.

Anyway, check out the mayhem below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. "Safe" opens March 2, 2012.