Jason Clarke Takes Down Osama bin Laden For Kathryn Bigelow

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A few years ago Kathryn Bigelow cast a little known actor named Jeremy Renner as the lead in her Best Picture-winning war film "The Hurt Locker." He'd been in a few things, but no one was banging down his door to cast him, but an Oscar nomination later and the dude is now THE go-to-guy for any kind of testosterone-fueled franchise role.

Bigelow seems to think she can work her magic again as she's cast another left field/off-the-radar thesp to take her cast into battle for a still-untitled drama about the (fruitful?) hunt for Osama Bin Laden.

Deadline broke the news that the role will go to Aussie Jason Clarke, who appeared as one of Johnny Depp's partners in crime in "Public Enemies" and has a supporting role in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming "Great Gatsby."

The movie is being put together through Sony and notable financier Megan Ellison, the latter also producing "The Wettest Country in the World" featuring Clarke. Boy must have made an impression, that's for sure.

Also in discussion for the ensemble piece are Bane himself Tom Hardy, buzz-worthy "Contagion" star Jennifer Ehle, "Hurt Locker" vet Guy Pearce, "Thor" badass Idris Elba, Rooney Mara ("Girl with the Dragon Tattoo") and Nina Arianda ("Midnight In Paris").

In terms of making a politically themed suspense film that everyone knows the outcome of, just look at "All the President's Men" for an example of how gripping storytelling trumps everything.