Eddie Murphy's Trailer for 'A Thousand Words' Will Leave You Speechless

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Eddie Murphy's comedy "A Thousand Words" has been gathering dust since 2008, but now it's got a release date and a trailer and everything.

Take a peek at the trailer below, which reunites the comedian with "Norbit" and "Meet Dave" conspirator director Brian Robbins and watch Eddie Murphy grapple with a curse that bestows him with a magical tree whose leaves fall off when he spouts BS. He only has a thousand leaves to go before he kicks the bucket.

How will he order his lattes or conduct meetings or talk to his wife now? Will the tree flourish if he stops being a shady businessman and terrible person? Why is he singing the song about baby back ribs from Chili's to the tree? So many questions! Could they all be answered by watching "Liar Liar"?

Unfortunately for DreamWorks, the studio actually pushed the movie's release date back from January -- a typically dead month for the movies -- to March, when Murphy's Oscar buzz would be at its highest. Or it would have been if he hadn't taken a rain check after Oscar producer and "Tower Heist" director Brett Ratner hadn't "resigned" from his duties after numerous incredibly offensive statements. So much for whatever fondness "Tower Heist" kicked up for the "Delirious" comedian. (Apparently, the Academy never saw Murphy's stand-up, which was pretty much full of the types of statements that landed Ratner in hot water.)

Anyhow, as Murphy told Rolling Stone, "Now I don't give a f*ck what nobody thinks." And that's probably for the best. But what about his costars Kerry Washington and Clarke Duke?