It's Time to Get Things Started with 'Muppets' Musical Number

[caption id="attachment_91305" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Disney"]The Muppets[/caption]

When a movie as amazing-looking as 'The Muppets" is on the horizon, we want someone to hit us in the head with a crowbar so that we go into a coma and don't wake up until the movie premieres on November 23.

In lieu of a traumatic blow to the skull, we have the next best thing: a taste of the opening dance number from the Muppetational event of the season, which includes a slaphappy Jason Segel and his puppet roommate Walter (Peter Linz) as they dance around an idyllic early-1960s-style small town, complete with milkman, pastel colors, the whole shebang.

One viewing of this and you'll agree that the new song "I've Got Everything That I Need" is a cheery ray of sunshine wrapped in a pink bow made out of peppermint candy and covered in smiles. It clearly establishes a comedic tone that has one foot in sweet sincerity and the other in a bucket full of irony, which is just how we like our Muppets.

Check out the scene below which was choreographed by Michael Rooney, who also coordinated the dancing for that awesome music video Jonah Hill recently directed.