This Thursday, Let MTV and Jonah Hill Watch Your Children

[caption id="attachment_91282" align="alignright" width="300" caption="20th Century Fox"]The Sitter[/caption]

Finding someone to watch your kids is always an issue, so for better or worse,  many parents let their television do the work. And if you happen to need someone this Thursday night at 7:56 p.m. then you're in luck, because MTV has just taken on a professional "Sitter."

Yes, that's right: This Thursday, Jonah Hill himself will be appearing live on MTV for "MTV First: The Sitter," where he will introduce an exclusive new clip from his upcoming comedy about a schlub who becomes a babysitter with disastrous -- and hilarious -- consequences.

Best of all, he'll then be sticking around to chat with fans (and Josh Horowitz) online for a half hour. So tune in, and let MTV and Jonah Hill give you all the parenting lessons you'll ever need.