Rufus Sewell and Lucifer Are Two of a Kind

[caption id="attachment_45002" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Rufus Sewell[/caption]

With his patented hangdog stare, Rufus Sewell may look a little demonic, but he often plays characters who end up on the side of angels, such as his star-making turns in projects like "Dark City" and "Middlemarch." So which side is he going to take in the upcoming adaptation of "Paradise Lost?"

How about both?

According to Variety, Sewell has signed on to "Paradise Lost," where he will play the sinister archangel Samael. Talk about hedging your bets.

Based on the classic epic poem by John Milton, "Paradise Lost" stars Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, a no-goodnik who messes up both Heaven and Earth and becomes Satan in the process. You've probably heard of him before. But you may not be quite as familiar with Samael, the ambiguous archangel who goads Lucifer to action for his own sinister reasons.

Even if you aren't a biblical scholar or student of 17th century English literature, though, the news is pretty exciting, as the addition of Sewell means he will be reunited with "Dark City" director Alex Proyas, who is also helming the adaptation of "Paradise Lost."

So will we see any nods to "Dark City" and Sewell's iconic character John Murdoch? It's too early to say, but one thing's for sure: With Lucifer around, there's no limit to the amount of potential mischief involved.

"Paradise Lost" is currently gearing up to shoot for a  tentative 2013 release date.