'The Dark Knight' Goes Campy for 1966-Style Credits

The Dark Knight 1966 creditsPOW! BOOM! BAM! ZONK!

With Batman currently occupying Wall Street and the state of superhero movies in general going through a grim, emo period, it's important to remember there was a time when the Caped Crusader had a kid sidekick, a giant penny in the Batcave, and barrels full of wacky.

That's why we were unabashedly giddy to discover that animator David A. Rose had made credits for 2008's brutal "The Dark Knight" and injected some old-school silly into it by paying homage to the old ABC "Batman" show.

Throughout the '50s and early '60s, the star of "Detective Comics" had strayed from his gritty roots into camp territory, embodied perfectly by the late '60s TV series. Adam West and Burt Ward played the dynamic duo to maximum camp, with a rogues gallery of kitsch villains and production design so poppy it would give Roy Lichtenstein a seizure.

This credits sequence is a lot of fun, and might make you look at the current Christopher Nolan run and ask the director, "Why so serious?"