Want to Buy Brad Pitt? Now You Can -- on eBay

[caption id="attachment_90855" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Brad Pitt[/caption]

Everybody wants a piece of the celebrity pie. If you want proof, just check eBay, where you can bid on everything from a Brad Pitt handbag to a Brad Pitt pillowcase to a copy of Brad Pitt's high school yearbook.

Starting today, though, Pitt has decided to get in on the action by offering up for sale something no other eBay merchant could possibly offer: himself.

Yes, that's right: As reported by the Huffington Post, eBay has just launched a brand-new celebrity auction site where the stars themselves can offer up the hottest new deals -- and the first item on the block is a chance to meet Brad Pitt in person. Now how much would you pay?

Okay, so "Celebrity eBay" sounds like a terrible new reality show on channel 489, but the reality is actually pretty cool. Here's how eBay's new celebrity site works: Stars like Pitt, Robert Duvall and Katy Perry put unique items and services up for sale, with the proceeds to go to charity. Fans -- like you -- then log on and bid, secure in the knowledge that this time around, that "authentic" painting by Jeff Bridges is, in fact, actually by Jeff Bridges.

"We know that our customers have been coming to eBay specifically to look for and connect with their favorite charities and celebrities," Richelle Parham, chief marketing officer for eBay, said. "For many years, the eBay platform has been the choice for celebrities who are looking to raise funds for their charities."

In years past, those charitable efforts have tallied over $278 million dollars, but with hundreds of thousands of auctions up on eBay at any given time, they've occasionally gotten lost in the static. Now, though, that won't be a worry, as fans can head directly to the site's new dedicated address -- celebrity.ebay.com -- and see not only what the stars are selling, but even what they themselves are bidding on and buying.

So if you've ever dreamed of attending a New York Jets game with Hayden Panettiere -- and who hasn't? -- this is finally your chance. Good luck, and let the celebrity bid sniping begin.