Overpaid Stars: Who Is The Biggest Ripoff In Hollywood?

[caption id="attachment_39657" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Drew Barrymore[/caption]

If you ask most movie fans, they'll probably agree that many Hollywood stars are overpaid. After all, in this era of crashing stock markets, ongoing recessions and the 99%, dropping $20 mil on a superstar for the latest blockbuster doesn't necessarily fly with the general public the way it once did. If you're going to get that kind of scratch, the thinking goes, you'd better darn well earn it.

But do they earn it? Not necessarily, at least according to Forbes, which has just released their list of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood -- and you won't believe who is at the top of the list.

That's because the most overpaid star in Hollywood isn't one of the highest paid at all, but rather is Drew Barrymore, of all people.

Turns out that even though Barrymore receives a comparatively modest salary in relation to the other stars on the list, her movies have just tanked so terribly that she still ends up being overpaid. In fact, Forbes estimates that for every dollar spent on Barrymore's salary, her movies end up making only 40 cents at the box office. Ouch.

So what other big names are getting big bucks for big busts? Less surprisingly, Eddie Murphy comes in at number two, though with this weekend's "Tower Heist" expected to do well, he could soon find himself off the list. And number three is Murphy fellow "Saturday night Live" alum Will Ferrell, whose many successes have been counterbalanced by epic fails like "Land of the Lost."

The biggest shocker of of all, though, might be the fact that Nicolas Cage is only sixth on the list despite bombs like "Trespass" (and if you've never even heard of "Trespass," don't worry, that's the point). Sorry, Nic, we love you, but you've had some major league box offer stinkers, which makes it somewhat of a surprise that your movies still at least earn $4.40 per buck spent on your salary.

Interested fans can check out the full top ten list here. And just remember: You may not be making as much money as these stars, but at least you're worth every penny.