'Breaking Dawn' Soundtrack Sparkles Like Diamonds

[caption id="attachment_90647" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Summit"]The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1[/caption]

The more snarktastic among us have made a near-industry over the years of goofing on the adventures of Edward and Bella, but there's one thing that even the most jaded hipster can't deny: The "Twilight" movies have always had kick-ass soundtracks.

Past installments have included contributions from indie stars like Death Cab For Cutie, Iron & Wine, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear and Stephanie Meyer's favorite band, Muse. Now, with only two flicks left, music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas (who pioneered this sort of thing with "The O.C.") is pulling out all the stops with the excellent soundtrack to "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1." And excellent it is, if your heart isn't hardened to the more emotional end of the moody-rock spectrum.

The first single released was "It Will Rain," a plaintive ballad from pop maestro Bruno Mars. It's a decidedly downbeat turn from the guy who would jump on a grenade for you (girl), but it fits perfectly with the movie's theme of impossible love. Sam Beam of Iron & Wine also gets in on the action with a new, sparser recording of "Flightless Bird, American Mouth," which appeared in the first "Twilight" movie as Edward and Bella's prom dance and here serves as their wedding song. Thematically complete!

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It's not all plaintiveness and acoustic instruments, however. The Joy Formidable kicks off the disc with the dark and menacing "Endtapes," and the Belle Brigade supplies a stomper in the form of "I Didn't Mean It" that is matched well by the Noisettes/ "Sister Rosetta."

Overall, though, this is a pretty contemplative record, perfect for sitting in the Pacific Northwestern wilderness and staring longingly off into the distance while contemplating your undead boycrush -- we've all been there, right? More importantly, it's a soundtrack that even those who scoff at the idea of sparkly vampires would do well to embrace.

Full tracklisting:

1. The Joy Formidable - Endtapes

2. Angus & Julia Stone - Love Will Take You

3. Bruno Mars - It Will Rain

4. Sleeping At Last - Turning Page

5. The Features - From Now On

6. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

7. Theophilus London - Neighbors

8. The Belle Brigade - I Didn't Mean It

9. Noisettes - Sister Rosetta (2011 Version)

10. Cider Sky - Northern Lights

11. Iron & Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)

12. Imperial Mammoth - Requiem On Water

13. Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz - Cold

14. Mia Maestro - Llovera

15. Carter Burwell - Love Death Birth