Walk Like a (Super)Man With All-Star All Stars

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DC Comics "New 52" relaunch of their titles has resulted in their domination of the comics market, with the company taking a whopping 51% of sales last month. Also, despite bombing this summer, "Green Lantern" has so far brought in over $30 million dollars on DVD and Blu-ray, which is pretty outstanding.

They're definitely giving chief competitor Marvel a run for its money, but now you can actually RUN with the DC characters as Converse (via IFC) just announced a deal to include Batman, the Flash, Superman, the Riddler, Catwoman and box office whipping boy Green Lantern on their shoes.

Their "Chuck Taylor All Star" collection has adorned the feet of many a hipster, scenester, skater, surfer, or just-plain-broke dude or dudette over the years and now the company is eager to pull in the highly vaunted geek dollar for their canvas shoes.

The footwear will retail for between $37 and $60 dollars and comes with a two-page Catwoman comic, presumably to grease the wheels for her appearance in next summer's "The Dark Knight Rises."