Bond Movie Gets Traditional Nonsense Title: 'Skyfall'

[caption id="attachment_90121" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Sony"]Quantum of Solace[/caption]

Each of the 22 James Bond movies has certain core elements audiences have come to expect -- like bad guys, hot girls and high-tech gadgets.

There's another layer within the Bond ethos that remains relatively consistent: the need for a wild card. In what would be just a regular Bond movie, there's often a whimsical element that just doesn't make sense, like George Lazenby or Denise Richards playing a doctor.

But the most recent Bond tradition is the most perplexing of them all: pairing together random words and calling them a title.

Number 23 in the Bond series continues in the storied tradition of "Moonraker" and "Quantum of Solace" with the kind-of-sounds-like-a-Six-Flags-ride title, "Skyfall."

Entertainment Weekly announced the movie's title today, in addition to its cast, which has Daniel Craig reprising his role as Bond opposite Javier Bardem's villain (and with any luck, his "No Country For Old Men" haircut).

Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Albert Finney will all have roles in the Sam Mendes-directed film, as will Judi Dench, who will return as M.

Mendes says of the movie, "There's lots of surprises. ['Skyfall'] is its own story. It doesn't connect with the last two movies."

The movie, which begins filming today, is scheduled for release in late 2012.