Jason Statham Flies Like a 'Hummingbird'

[caption id="attachment_90030" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Jason Statham[/caption]

... and stings like a bee!

The "Killer Elite" star just keeps churning out the high-flying action films as he's signed on to brood and brawl his way through "Hummingbird," according to Deadline.

"Hummingbird" follows an ex-Special Forces agent trapped in the London's criminal underworld who becomes something of an avenging angel after he's able to assume another identity.

We're expecting this might be relatively "smarter" fare for Statham, as "Hummingbird" marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Steven Knight, who penned such "thinking man's" crime thrillers as "Dirty Pretty Things" and David Cronenberg's "Eastern Promises."

We love us some Statham, but if he ever wanted to try making a movie that didn't involve him kicking and punching things, we certainly wouldn't complain. For now, he's pretty much exclusively an action star, with a 2012 line-up that includes "Safe" (March 2), "The Expendables 2" (Aug. 17) and "Parker" (Oct. 12).

Production on "Hummingbird" will begin in London early next year.