'Project X' Trailer Makes You Long For a High School Experience You Never Had

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We've all had one of those nights. You know, those crazy nights when you're seventeen and throw a huge party, achieve global popularity, accidentally set your house on fire, drive a car into your pool and jump off your roof.


Well... then we've all wanted to have one of those nights. "Project X" lets us live vicariously through Thomas, a high schooler who throws an unchaperoned party in the hopes of becoming popular. To say that it gets out of hand is a bit of an understatement.

If "The Hangover" and "Old School" had a drunken Vegas night together, they might give birth to "Project X". Sure, we've only seen a glimpse, but considering all three movies share the same director, we stand by our trailer-based prediction.

This clip, courtesy of Apple Trailers, which kind of looks more like an advertisement for a party planner than a trailer, is bound to get you all riled up and regretting that time your parents went out of town and you didn't throw that hypothetical party that had so much potential...

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