Cool Clicks: Sparkly Vampires Breaking It Down in a Flash Mob

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We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz let Hollywood Crush in on the prank the whole cast of "Breaking Dawn" pulled on their director. Imagine a flash mob of attractive, sparkly vampires spontaneously bursting into a choreographed dance number. It's definitely something we want to see in the DVD special features!

Live from New York... it's the "Dark Knight"! The cast and crew of "Dark Knight Rises" are filming today in New York City and attracting all sorts of attention, because not even New Yorkers are jaded enough to ignore Christian Bale dressed in a black spandex unitard. MTV reporters are there giving constant updates on all the action.

Don't know what to get your parents, children, teachers or pastors for Christmas this year? You're in luck, because Funny or Die released this exclusive video of "the most important album ever made by human beings." Said album is, of course, referring to the really appropriate and totally G-rated (as expected) Harold & Kumar Christmas album!

If you've never seen one of Michael Bay's movies, [SPOILER ALERT] he likes to include a few explosions here and there. 992 explosions to be exact. Frankenspace did some research to find out just how important explosions are to a Bay film, and the results can be summed up like so: America loves explosions, naturally Michael Bay is greatest American hero.

 Lisa See will be answering fan's questions tomorrow, November 3, in celebration of the DVD release of the adaptation of her novel, "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan". Head over to Good Reads to join the conversation!