Michael Bay Blows (Up) Your Mind

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Different directors are known for different, specific techniques. Quentin Tarantino, for instance, is hailed as a master when it comes to the use of soundtracks and non-linear storytelling, while Terrence Malick is revered for his austere, ethereal imagery and cinematography. Sofia Coppola is noted for her use of dramatic silences, while Martin Scorsese has a knack for staging hyper-realistic violence.

And Michael Bay? Well, he blows s**t up real good -- and we've got a brand new chart that explains exactly how and why.

Courtesy of Frankenspace, it's "The Formula for Complete and Utter Bayhem," otherwise known as "How Michael Bay Made Billions in Box Office Worldwide." So just what does "Bayhem" measure? Well, Frankenhauser has carefully studied every Michael Bay film (a monumental task in its own right) in order to determine the direct correlation between explosions and box office receipts.

And the result, while not surprising, is still eye-opening, as his chart proves beyond a doubt that the more explosions there are in a Michael bay movie, the better they do at the box office. And since his movies feature an average of more than one explosion per minute (no joke!), well, it all adds up to an amazing haul.

Check it out -- and get ready for some serious internet "Bayhem."