Case the Joint With 6 'Tower Heist' Clips

[caption id="attachment_89869" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Universal"]Tower Heist[/caption]

Yep, looks like the old Eddie Murphy we grew up with, the sly con man with a healthy sense of mischief, is back and bouncing off the considerable comedic talents of Mr. Ben Stiller to pull off an utterly insane "Tower Heist."

In the film, a white-collar criminal named Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) has stolen money from all the employees of an apartment complex in a Ponzi scheme. The building manager Josh Kovacs (Stiller) pulls together a motley crew of novice thieves to get back $20 million from Shaw with the help of a crafty crook played by Murphy, channeling the spirit of Reggie Hammond from "48 Hours."

1. Agent Denham Questions Shaw About His Ferrari. His previous Ferrari was destroyed in a mishap involving his son Cameron and a kid named Ferris.

2. Slide Tells Josh They Need to Find a Safe-Cracker. In this film Eddie's character steals satellite dishes so people will be unable to watch "Meet Dave."

3. Odessa Teaches Slide How to Crack a Safe. These two share a precious moment together.

4. Josh Tries To Convince Charlie to Help With Robbery. Stiller rallies the troops, but General Patton he is not.

5. Slide Tells Gang That Lunch Is on Him. For those who don't know, a $25 hamburger in New York City is par for the course, even with the roach.

6. Slide Has Crew Prove That They Can Steal at the Mall. Somehow we suspect the post-theft value of that candle has gone down.