Amanda Seyfried May Go Deep into 'Lovelace'

[caption id="attachment_89665" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Amanda Seyfried[/caption]

Amanda Seyfried may have a future in pornography.

The "In Time" beauty is in talks to play porn queen Linda Lovelace, star of the legendary "Deep Throat," in "Lovelace," according to Variety.

Peter Sarsgaard, last seen getting a big head over playing the villain in "Green Lantern," is also in talks to play Lovelace's pornographer husband, Chuck Traynor.

"Lovelace" tells the story of a Florida schoolgirl named Linda Boreman whose life ended up going down a very dark path after she met and married Traynor, a would-be filmmaker who transformed her into a world-famous sex star. After years of being victimized, Lovelace quit the business and divorced Traynor, whom she accused of taking advantage of her naivete and coercing her into porn and prostitution.

Linda's most popular work is, of course, 1972's "Deep Throat," one of the highest-grossing "independent films" of all time.

Kate Hudson and James Franco were originally attached to the roles of Lovelace and Traynor until Hudson's pregnancy caused her to drop out. The film is based on Eric Danville's book, "The Complete Linda Lovelace," and is set to be directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman.

"Lovelace" is one of two biography films about the "Deep Throat" star currently in the works, along with "Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story," which is set to star Malin Akerman and Matt Dillon as Lovelace and Traynor. Both films are scheduled to begin production in January.

We love Amanda, but she has yet to really get down and dirty for a role (unless you count "Jennifer's Body," in which she was covered in dirt more than one scene). "Lovelace" could be the perfect showcase for what she's really made of -- the film will definitely have plenty of scenes involving screaming, crying, general depravity and other kinds of stuff that the Academy loves.

Amanda Seyfried can currently be seen in theaters in "In Time." She'll be seen next year in "Gone," "The Wedding" and Mark Webber's untitled drama, which co-stars Michael Cera and Shannon Sossamon.