Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett Take Two Movies ... Back to Back

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Hey, remember when acclaimed Oscar winning director Terrence Malick dropped out of Hollywood for two decades, giving up his movie career entirely for a life of quiet retirement? Well, turns out he just really needed a massive power nap, because boy, his batteries sure seem recharged now.

To wit: According to indieWire, the secretive and notoriously slow Malick is going to filming not one, but two new movies starring Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett -- and he's doing them both next year.

Sounds like someone finally discovered 5-Hour Energy.

We've known for a little while, of course, that Malick and Bale were up to something, as the duo randomly showed up at the Austin City Limits festival last month to shoot... something. So that part isn't really a surprise, though we now know that their expedition was for a project called "Lawless," which will co-star Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara in addition to Bale and Blanchett.

No, the surprise is that Malick apparently isn't just filming "Lawless" -- he's also working on a movie called "Knight of Cups," which will also star Bale and Blanchett. And he's doing both of them back-to-back, which means that for once there might not be an epic delay before we see the next Malick film in theaters (such as the five years of production it took for "Tree of Life" to make it to the big screen).

Nothing else is yet known about "Knight of Cups" -- or, for that matter, "Lawless" -- and since Malick enjoys secrecy as much as your average man enjoys a 6-pack, it's not likely we'll find out much more before the films are completed.

But we think this news is probably enough to convince most film fans. After all, with a team like Malick, Bale and Blanchett, what else do you really need to know?