The 'American Reunion' Trailer is Here to Make You Feel Old

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Hey – Remember that apple pie that Jason Biggs had sex with? Remember when Tara Reid was known more for her acting than her nipples? Remember when you heard cute little "Buffy" star Alyson Hannigan say "p**sy" for the first time?

You know who doesn't? About everyone under the age of 20. What they do remember are band camp, naked miles, a book of love and a whole lot of Eugene Levy.

But never fear, because an entire generation is about to learn the hard way why you never leave a MILF alone at your house party.

From Chris Klein's loveable jock Oz to Jim's dad, the gang's all back for the latest (and, with any luck, final) installment of the series, "American Reunion."

The story focuses on what happens when the East Great Falls gang gets back together for their ten-year high school reunion, which happens to take place 13 years later, but whatever, these guys obviously didn't study math in college.

Combine all the drinking and 18-year-olds from the first movie with a cast that's pushing 40 and you've got hilarity? A sexy, feel-good romp? Some unintentional close-up shots of Tara Reid's stomach?

Check out the "American Reunion" trailer for yourself, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies: