Rashida Jones Gets Ready to Start 'Decoding Annie Parker'

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Indie dramedies are so hot right now—just ask "Parks and Recreation" thesp Rashida Jones and "Midnight in Paris" star Corey Stoll (who played Ernest Hemmingway and all but stole the show). These two stars are the latest A-listers to jump on board Steven Bernstein's upcoming "Decoding Annie Parker."

Based on a true story, the film follows Annie Parker (Samantha Morton), a breast-cancer patient who resolves to fight her diagnosis with the help of geneticist Mary Claire King (Helen Hunt), which leads to an amazing discovery.

Stoll will play one of Annie's colleagues, while Jones will take on the role of Annie's friend, Indie Wire reports.

It's also probably worth mentioning that three—yes, three—other actors who got their breaks on television are starring in this flick: "Mad Men" siren Christina Hendricks, "Lost" beauty Maggie Grace and "Breaking Bad"'s Aaron Paul.

Set to shoot in the magical land of Los Angeles, this kinda-sorta-maybe-funny (but also serious) movie about a cancer patient is shaping up to be just what the doctor ordered.