Hemsworth, Irons and More Vie For 'Host' Gig

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Kristen Stewart is technically the star of "The Twilight Saga," but let's face it: It's Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner that really send Twihards over the (new) moon. Sure, the films would have been good even if some other actors had filled the roles of Edward and Jacob, but it's hard to imagine "Twilight" would have turned into the cultural phenomenon it is without those two specific hunks at the center of the action.

So are you ready for Team Ian vs. Team Jared?

With filming now completed on "The Twilight Saga," Stephenie Meyer and director Andrew Niccol are turning their attention to "The Host" -- and according to Variety, they've already picked out a bunch of hot actors to vie for the roles that could turn the movie into your next big obsession.

Here's a quick rundown of "The Host" for you: One of the biggest bestsellers of 2008, Meyer's follow-up to "The Twilight Saga" trades in the horror trappings for some sci-fi goodness, as the story revolves around a girl named Melanie Stryder (played by Saoirse Ronan in the movie) who is one of the last survivors of an alien invasion. In this case, though, the aliens aren't exactly killing everyone -- they're just possessing human bodies and overwriting their souls. Which, when we put it that way, isn't all that much better.

When Melanie gets possessed by an alien known as Wanderer, though, things go totally fubar, because she refuses to be erased, which is trouble for both of them -- especially after two guys end up falling in love with the different aspects of their decidedly split personality. And here you thought vampire-werewolf-human made a unique love triangle!

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So who do Meyer and Niccol have lined up to play the pivotal and potentially star-making roles of Jared and Ian, the rebels who fall for Mel and Wanderer respectively? Well for Jared, the frontrunners are Liam Hemsworth ("The Hunger Games'), Kit Harrington ("Game of Thrones"), Jai Courtney ("One Shot") and Max Irons ("Red Riding Hood"), while the role of Ian is being contested by Dane DeHaan ("True Blood"), Thomas McDonell ("Prom"), Augustus Prew ("Charlie St. Cloud") and Jake Abel ("The Lovely Bones").

Just which of these up-and-comers are chosen could go a long way in determining whether "The Host" is just a niche film for Meyer fans or an international blockbuster, so there's a lot on the line. And the buzz is already starting, as MTV's Hollywood Crush has set up a poll for fans to weigh in on their choices for team Ian and Team Jared.

"Hemsworth is the perfect physical facsimile of Jared — all tall, tan and tawny-haired," Hollywood Crush editor Amy Wilkinson told us. "I fear, however, that movie-goers will wonder how Gale escaped District 12 and ended up in Arizona. The next best choice, I think, is Max Irons from 'Red Riding Hood' ... "Game of Thrones" actor Kit Harington's looks are much more suited to Ian. (Casting directors take note: Give Harington a chance for Wanderer’s protector — he'd be a great fit!)"

Let the debate -- and the fan frenzy -- begin.